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  • Dr. Ron Flack, Jr. is one of our nation’s clearest voices. He possesses a distinct overtone that has been proven to educate, motivate, and empower audiences around the country. With over twelve years of substance abuse and leadership experience, he is the Chief Consultant of an innovative behavioral health firm, Unlimited Consulting. Being a natural born leader, with a niche for creating leaders greater than himself, he strives to not only be a leader but a continuous student of learning. While he has several certifications and degrees, including but not limited to, an International certification for alcohol and drug services, a National certification for alcohol and drug services, a bachelor’s degree in Health and Human Services, a master’s degree in Divinity, and a doctorate degree in Biblical Counseling, one of his greatest accomplishments has been his ability to meet, serve, and build relationships with families in need.

    In his 13 plus years of overseeing services of those struggling with Opioid Use Disorder, he’s served as the Vice President/Vice-Chair for the North Carolina Association for Treatment of Opioid Dependence. Along with serving in the said capacity, he takes pride in serving as a coalition member of The Coalition of North Carolina along with the North Carolina Substance Use Disorder Federation, both primary entities as representatives of North Carolina’s Substance Use Disorder service providers, mental health disorder service providers, prevention providers, as well as intellectual and developmental disability service providers, across the state.